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Reporters: Synchronization п»ї
Boston Court Reporters


Transcript Synchronization is an easy-to-use tool, enabling you to search for key segments of testimony and create powerful clips recorded in audio-only or video format.

At Cambridge Court Reporters we format audio-only or video files for use in all trial presentation software, including Sanction, LiveNote, Trial Director, and Visionary.

With synchronization, you can quickly locate testimony by typing a keyword or a page and line number.

Transcript synchronization enhances comprehension of complex testimony for you, your client, and for opposing counsel, allowing you to prepare your case and present evidence most persuasively during mediations, arbitrations, and trials.

Call us right now and learn how transcript synchronization empowers your practice of law.


Video-to-Transcript Synchronization

Synchronization of a video transcript allows you to:

  • Create video clips and capture the visual impressions, tone, and delivery of the deponent
  • Use keywords to jump right to specific video segments
  • Link and review exhibits
  • Easily export to popular presentation software
  • Export synchronized video with linked exhibits to trial preparation and presentation software
  • Copy and paste excerpts for use in summaries, motions, and briefs
  • E-mail video clips

Audio-to-Transcript Synchronization

At a fraction of the cost of video synchronization, audio-only transcriptsynchronization allows you to:

  • Create audio clips and capture the tone, emotion, and delivery of the spoken word
  • Use keywords to jump right to specific audio segments
  • Link and review exhibits
  • Easily export to popular presentation software
  • Export synchronized audio with linked exhibits to trial preparation and presentation software
  • Copy and paste excerpts for use in summaries, motions, and briefs
  • E-mail audio clips

Call us right now and learn how synchronization empowers your practice of law.