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iib, 0tp, 9dt, 0i0, e, i, Cambridge Court Reporters п»ї
Boston Court Reporters

Cambridge Court Reporters™ is a full-service court-reporting company specializing in the application of digital audio and video technology to the practice of law.

Cambridge Court Reporters is a division of American TransMedia, LLC.

The convenience, portability, and economy of E-Reporting.

Litigation Video
A picture is worth a thousand words.

Connect, collaborate, and economize.

Digital Conference Rooms
A digital tool-box to empower your practice.

Keyword searching for audio or video clips.

Hear and see the spoken word.

Realtime Stenography
See an unedited transcript of the proceeding as it occurs.

Legal Transcription
Our transcriptionists are experienced, bright, and highly-qualified.

In every practice area we speak your language.

Process Serving
Count on us to do the job right.