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g, z8t, u, 4lg, 8k, pyk, jpm, y, xn, 67, vs, Cambridge Court Reporters: Videoconferencing п»ї
Boston Court Reporters


When choosing a videoconferencing facility, technical know-how is the first thing you need to consider but the last thing you want to worry about.

Cambridge Court Reporters provides smooth and continuous HD videoconferencing without interruption. Both people and content are shared and displayed in high-definition. Our system supports integration across all devices—from smart phones, to laptops, to DVD and VCR players, to HD monitor and digital-video projection systems—and it supports up to four video sites in a single conference.

CCR’s multi-point service provider and our in-house tech support connect you with thousands of conference rooms worldwide. Our videoconferencing system is the most secure in the industry.

Call us right now and learn how our videoconferencing system empowers your practice of law.