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8jd, b, n, 4, pt, 8lw, o3, acs, 7ly, c4a, n9i, ur1, hx, 1bh, 7, 608, iq, r, Cambridge Court Reporters: About Us п»ї
Boston Court Reporters

About Us

Cambridge Court Reporters™ offers solid services and imaginative innovations in the application of technology to the practice of law. We are proud to be the first E-Reporting firm in Massachusetts. Our motto, “21st Century Solutions for the 21st Century Lawyer,” is premised upon our belief that you benefit from a court-reporting company that understands the application of tech-savvy solutions in the delivery of legal support services.

As a full-service court-reporting firm, we offer deposition reporting, litigation video, videoconferencing, state-of-the-art digital conference rooms, synchronization, subtitling, realtime stenography, legal transcription, interpretation, and process serving.

The key employees of Cambridge Court Reporters are:

Buchanan Ewing

For more than thirty years, Buck has held positions in engineering consulting, regional economic development, and business consulting. In 1981 he founded ComputerWriters, a firm specializing in software manuals and writing seminars for senior technical writers. In 1989 he founded Cambridge Transcriptions™, a recognized leader in recording and transcription services. In 2007 he founded Boston Court Reporters™. Buck is a director of the American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers. He holds a degree in engineering from Bucknell University and an MBA from Boston University.

Peter Higgins
Deposition Manager

Peter oversees the deposition department and the conference recording division. He is responsible for hiring, training, and scheduling our team of E-Reporters and for managing our onsite conference recording activity. Peter manages the recording of depositions, town meetings, conferences, and specialized meetings. Working with the transcription department, he captures digital audio from a wide variety of media–CDs and DVDs, cassettes in various formats, and even the occasional cell phone. Peter holds a degree in Audio and Media Production from the New England Institute of Art.

Geoffrey Pelton
Transcription Manager

Geoffrey is responsible for coordinating jobs with our clients and transcriptionists, hiring and training new transcriptionists, and managing the quality control department. He came to Boston from his native California to pursue graduate studies in history, and received an MA from Harvard University. He has lived in Salamanca and Berlin, taught classes on Western History, and studied the grammar of several languages, living and dead. He draws on this experience to maintain a rigorous regimen of quality control in all our work.

Jolanta Ewing
Project Coordinator

Jolanta has more than fifteen years of experience in project management. A gifted linguist, her focus on quality and attention to detail stems from experience in teaching French and Italian at the university level. She holds a master’s degree in romance languages from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland.

Kevin Higgins
Lead E-Reporter

Kevin reports various events such as depositions, administrative hearings, and town meetings. He is also a media specialist, studio engineer, and performing artist who teaches percussion technique, arranges music for voices and instruments, and composes. He graduated with a degree in composition from the Berklee College of Music.

Advisory Board

Brian Manley

Brian, a strategic advisor, assists in the development of marketing and management strategies. He currently works for a sovereign wealth fund (SWF) in Abu Dhabi, investing globally in special situations. Prior to his joining the SWF, Brian managed an alternative asset portfolio for Shinsei Bank in Tokyo. He has previously provided marketing services to Cambridge Transcriptions and began his career as a research analyst at Insight Venture Partners. Brian holds degrees in management science and computer science from MIT.

Mark Tsai
IT Consultant

For more than a decade, Mark has advised the company on digital technology and how advances can be leveraged to improve our service offerings. Mark has been active in the computer games industry for more than twenty years, holding a variety of leadership positions.

Boston Court Reporters is a division of American TransMedia LLC.

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