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31e, avg, 7, xr, 5gv, 22h, x, j9x, gci, i3i, 3hu, Cambridge Court Reporters: Realtime Stenography п»ї
Boston Court Reporters

Realtime Stenography

Realtime stenography delivers an immediate voice-to-text translation and the capability to read back questions-and-answers, as well as highlight passages for follow-up.

Realtime reporting requires speed, accuracy, and technological know-how to handle complex depositions well. Whether on site or at remote locations, we do everything necessary to make certain that your Realtime deposition comes off without a hitch.

You can count on Cambridge Court Reporters to guarantee connectivity and software compatibility. From providing laptops, to double-checking who will be participating in the room or online, CCR is committed to making computer-integrated Realtime stenography a valuable tool in the creation of the official record.

Call us right now and learn how CCR’s Realtime capability empowers your practice of law.